Teen Titans | Blazing like rebel diamond

Loving the weather in my state

Except it's making me super restless, like I want to go drive up to RI and sleep on a beach.  Wat.

But I am super excited for the 70 degree weather all week, mostly because I miss wearing shorts and tank tops.
Teen Titans | Blazing like rebel diamond

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hey guiz guess what


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After all that bullshit from the past semester I have returned to LJ to let you know that I am officially an asshole with a college degree *bows*

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Just got my power back at my house about an hour ago, which is fucking AWESOME.  That nor'easter kicked my town's ass D:

Unfortunately I may be single.  Not sure yet.  I'm gonna sit down with him and figure out where exactly we are.

SO.  With the good comes the bad I guess.  More to follow :/

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SO now not only do I 
  • Have my driver's license
  • Have two sets of piercings in my ears
  • I've started collecting action figures, sort of?
  • And I also like making lists
I am getting really bad at updating this blog.  If this won't tide you guys over lemme know and I'll think of something snarky to blog about over the next week.
Oh my wizard god

I never get to use that icon so I'm gonna now.

Oh I got a twitter, so now you can read even more of my witty ramblings, shortened for your convenience.

Also I've been having some radical dreams the past few nights.  Monday night I killed Voldemort (like 8 times awesomeee)  Tuesday I went down on some chick (also awesome)  so tonight better be amazing.....  I blame the M&Ms I snack on before bed.