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in real life no

(a brief excerpt from the back of an abscence)

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Lonnie is outta sight...she's alright
In real life, no (A brief excerpt from the back of an absence)
This is a Mostly Friends Only journal. I keep it this way if I ever bring up any personal and revealing information about myself.

If you want to read my fanfiction, you don't need to friend me, just click a tag to find what you're looking for.

I write fanfic, when I feel like it (which is often). I write mostly for Teen Titans, but I have been known to step outside my box and write for other fandoms, such as Firefly, The Breakfast Club, and Labyrinth. I'm also planning a quick Smallville oneshot.
I Ship Slade/Terra, Jareth/Sarah, BJ/ Lydia, Jayne/River, and many many more!

My editable page stuff (such as comment text, etc) is based off of my current ringtone. This time around, we've got Don't Get Lost in Heaven by the Gorillaz. Last time around, we had David Bowie's Space Oddity, and before him was Lottery Winners on Acid by The Crimea (check them out, they are AWESOME)

((Fandoms and Banners))
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「Slade and Terra」 complete each other, seriously


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