in real life no

(a brief excerpt from the back of an abscence)

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Teen Titans | Blazing like rebel diamond

Hi :D

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I know D: Tumblr man, tumblr. That's my only excuse!

Heh, the way people talk of tumblr makes me think I need to get one for myself.

DO IT. It's so addictive and amazing! And sometimes confusing but mostly fun :D

Hmm. Perhaps I should. It might be fun at least.

Okay, since you've got tumblr, I have a question.

On the sign up page, it has three places to type. What does the "URL" space mean? /abysmally lost

Ummmm I think the url space is for your username? I'm so sorry I signed up with tumblr over a year ago, and I can't remember D:

Huh. What a bizarre way to word it. I'll try it anyway.

(Deleted comment)
I totally read that in the Joker's voice XD

(Deleted comment)
Hi! How's your recovery going?

(Deleted comment)
Jeez D: You're a trooper! I hope the surgeon give you good news C:

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