in real life no

(a brief excerpt from the back of an abscence)

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I never get to use that icon so I'm gonna now.
Oh my wizard god
Oh I got a twitter, so now you can read even more of my witty ramblings, shortened for your convenience.

Also I've been having some radical dreams the past few nights.  Monday night I killed Voldemort (like 8 times awesomeee)  Tuesday I went down on some chick (also awesome)  so tonight better be amazing.....  I blame the M&Ms I snack on before bed.

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You've been having crazy radical dreams too?! I had one last night were there was a vending machine that had all of the normal selection, and then a button called 'Empowerment' I pushed it and it gave me two Barqs root beers... 0_o

DUDE. It must be some sort of guvvmint gamma ray or something!

TWO sodas at once? That is an awesome dream XD

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