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ranty work times
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Okay seriously, if it's a kid's birthday and the parent specifically asked me if I got a cupcake, and I want to eat a fucking cupcake, and if at the end of the day I am responsible for myself and my decisions, then I'm going to eat a fucking cupcake.

Fuck you, co-worker who had to say "Yeah, but pretzels are better for you." Are you my mother? Are you my father? Are you some sort of nutritionist? Are you a doctor? Are you the boss of me?

So really I decided to eat the cupcake just to piss you off in the end.

I've never used the words "fuck" and "cupcake" so much before in my life.

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ебать ароматизированные кексы

actually if she really knew what she was saying she'd be like yogurt is better for you, not pretzels. Pretzels have a crap load of salt and empty carbs!


But yeah, fuck her. Eat cupcakes they are tasty

Lol I should've come back with something like that, all I did was go "And?" and then I ate the cupcake anyway :3

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